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Multimedia Artist

My work explores creative connections between digital and physical art.

I bring together a passion for visual making, filming, electronics and body movements

by designing interactive installations and experiences.

Co-founder of Kollage Kollectiv in Berlin, I use electronic skills and programming techniques to create visual content for our machines:

Improvisation as a way to detach the artistic process from any rational framework in order to be attentive to the emergence of thought and action.

Considering that the form is not an abstract shape given at the start but a concrete result that is only discovered on arrival

Just as if the music gave a new meaning to the body, an escape from its singularities, its crudity.

It became vibrant.

Softly diving into shapes

Overcoming physical boundaries by experiencing graceful lines of energy

Imagined, seen, heard, touched

Finding a language led by curious sensations

Centering on the heartbeat rhythm and pulsating out to express madness

Self-exploring the desire for symmetry and disproportion, for balance and instability, for rhythm and silence

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